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    This course helps to challenge participants and change behaviour

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    I feel relaxed and happy, validated in my beliefs, and looking forward to the future

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    I feel listened to, empowered, informed, valued, challenged and that we all matter

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    I’m glad that I attended this training It was fun! It teaches us to be able to communicate better

What we do

We are a training and consultancy business with a focus on building trust, safety and co-operation.  For 10 years our work has been focused in the Health and Social Care sector but is now growing into other sectors.

Our work invites people to look after themselves more consciously to enhance their well-being so that they can be more emotionally available to patients, customers, and colleagues.

We help you to build safer systems by using dialogue methods.

Systems matter because they affect the way we behave – if the systems we work in make us feel stressed, pressured and anxious we will not be able to sustain compassion for ourselves or each other. 

Safer more balanced systems enable people to flourish, being trusted to do what they love and are good at, working well within teams and meeting the needs of the people they care for.

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Who we work with

  • Balkerne Gardens Trust
  • Cornwall Care
  • Getta Life
  • LWDP
  • The Fremantle Trust
  • The Orders of St John
  • The Royal Marsden