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    This course helps to challenge participants and change behaviour

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    I feel relaxed and happy, validated in my beliefs, and looking forward to the future

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    I feel listened to, empowered, informed, valued, challenged and that we all matter

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    I’m glad that I attended this training It was fun! It teaches us to be able to communicate better

What we do

Welcome and thank you for visiting

We are not machines – if we are placed under excessive strain in mechanical systems we break down.

We thrive and give more when listened to and appreciated.

We have unlimited personal potential and when we join together we can make an extra-ordinary difference.

So many of the people we meet know people who are burning out in the health care system. We need a new map for thinking about the way we care for ourselves and each other.

We hope you find what you are seeking here – feel free to be in touch at any time  

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Who we work with

  • Balkerne Gardens Trust
  • Cornwall Care
  • Getta Life
  • LWDP
  • The Fremantle Trust
  • The Orders of St John
  • The Royal Marsden