Andy Bradley

Andy Bradley started advocating for disabled people when the one girl with learning disabilities who went to the same school was being picked on for and goaded at break time. Andy recruited his mates to help him find the girl, protect her from humiliation and give those who were doing the goading something else to think about.

After school Andy would often cycle quickly to see his Auntie Cath – she was living alone in her 90s with only her never to be completed jigsaw puzzle for the company.

Andy’s mum was a nurse and his dad was a plumber – he often put the tea on because both his mum and dad worked late. And then Auntie Cath needed some routine care so she moved into the family home – then three other local older people moved in under what was then called Adult Placement (and is now called Shared Lives). Mum became a registered care home manager and Dad started putting in multiple en suite bathrooms and partitioning rooms in the large house in the Herefordshire area that had been the family home.

After studying sport at degree level (nobody ever guesses that!) Andy got a job as a care worker supporting 5 young people who lived with profound and multiple learning disabilities. The gap between the culture in his family home and in this mini-institution is what eventually drove Andy to establish Frameworks 4 Change in 2005 with a vision to re-create the world that he grew up in.