Half day seminars which aim to fundamentally shift the perspective of people who are paid to care

The seminars have been tested and refined and now bring together the lived experience of supporting 1000s of people who are paid to care to make a shift of awareness which results in them feeling like they matter. As a pattern many people who work in care are more comfortable caring for others than they are in caring for themselves. Drawing on contemplative methods and the science of interpersonal neurobiology these seminars are highly experiential and interactive.
A combination of short presentations and facilitated personal reflection, pairs and whole group thinking creates the conditions in which change is taking place on both the level of the individual and the group. The core messages which help to frame the design of the seminars are:-
I create my state
Well Being is a Team Sport
None of us is as smart as all of us
Participants learn to ‘be their own guru’ or put to it another way, to learn how to water the seeds of their own self-compassion and growth. Deep conditioning that results in many people who are paid to care feeling like they don’t matter may be re-enforced by de-valuing workplace cultures. The Nourish to Flourish methodology gives participants both inspiration to change and evidence-based practical tools and methods which can spark a deep commitment to living a healthy rewarding life.
Participants learn how to
• Reflect on the self
• Manage energy
• Change habits
• Grow confidence
• Be more soul conscious

What can I get from this?

The seminars are tailored and carefully designed to bring powerful and lasting benefits to people who are paid to care. Participating in the seminars can be a life-changing experience as delegates commit to self-care and are better resourced to make a difference to the people they care for and to build better healthier relationships with people in their personal lives.