New Story Coaching

The purpose of New Story Coaching is to enable shifts which bring balance and integration to thinking and action.  Walking in nature together creates a space of possibility. My role is to offer undivided non-judgemental attention to senior people working in health and care or systems change. Offering attention in this way enables shifts to take place – shifts in awareness and intention. The space that is created by nature, walking and attentive listening enable an expansion of awareness and realisation. Many of the senior leaders I meet feel off balance – people may be over-identified with their working role and under-identified with the other parts that they play in their lives.

As we walk we listen for old patterns and for chapters in the new story. The new chapters offer a framework for change and embodiment of integrated balanced and effective ways of being and doing. Small shifts of awareness can create big results.

The new story coaching space enables the coachee to first wake up more fully to themselves and to become curious. Over time our work role can feel heavy and overwhelming and we can lose touch with our own potential and power to effect change. New story coaching can bring clarity, energy and insight leading to changes which bring meaning, purpose, joy and fulfilment.

Listening with a quiet mind and asking questions that matter

New story coaching begins with a spacious inquiry. Listening with a quiet mind and asking questions that matter enables the coachee to grow in self-awareness and gain clarity. The process of change is grounded by this inquiry – the opportunity to reflect enables the coachee to see more clearly the thinking, feeling and behaviour patterns that have developed and to create new patterns of thought which lead to wiser more effective action and a more peaceful inner world.

Walking in nature and being with the elements is integral to the process and the principles of change that have emerged at Frameworks 4 Change:-

  • Growth of Self Awareness
  • Love of Community
  • Harmony with Nature

Changing the way we relate to ourselves and the world around us creates the potential for fundamental change. New story coaching typically begins with a contract for 4 – 6 regular walks in places in nature.

How will this help?

New Story coaching is for leaders in health and care organisations and potentially for leaders in other fields who are looking for a balance of contemplation and commitment. People who give themselves space to be coached in this way report making small and sometimes bigger changes which see positive outcomes at work and beyond.