Next level consulting creates the conditions in which health and care employees really feel like they matter

Health and Care organisations tend quite understandably to be centred upon the needs of the people needing care. The unintended consequence of this centre of gravity is that in my experience the people offering the care often feel like they don’t matter. Asking people to care day after day, after day and not really deeply caring for those people is unethical and unwise. Next level consulting grows an everyone matters culture. Next level health and care organisations are passionate about new stories. Stories of meaning and purpose, living values, human connection, compassion in action and participation – all of the people who work for and are supported by the organisation become co-creators and potential storytellers.

Inspiring people to think differently

Next level consulting reframes the world of health and care, inspiring people to think differently, to change what they think, to see what a difference they can make to the lives of the people being cared for. Next level consulting is grounded by a needs inquiry in which people who work in a health and care organisations are given space to reflect on what they need and to bring light to what needs are met and unmet… The next part of the process has been described by a client as feeling a little like organisational acupuncture as I figure out what often small shifts of awareness will create the biggest results in meeting peoples needs. I may work with a senior leader, or a leadership team, or I may invite a small group of people from different parts of the hierarchy to come together to bring an on-going focus to questions of culture and practice – the trick seems is to unlock potential and energy by being present and caring and by offering a firm invitation to cross a threshold to become a deeply human place to work.

How will this help?

Next level consulting is for health and care organisations who are values-driven and want to really walk their talk in offering the very best possible health and care services. Next level consulting creates the conditions in which health and care employees really feel like they matter through actively listening, being authentically curious about their experience and appreciative of what they do.